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Halloween Parties – thriller scary or good spooky fun?


All Hallow’s Eve, like many celebrations, has a long and revered history and is generally considered a time to remember the dead. So it’s an important time for communities and families to get together, not a competition to use the most fake blood.

Because of our society’s hesitation at all matters related to death anything associated with the dead generally it gets a pretty bad rap. But Halloween celebrations doesn’t have to be mean spine chilling horror or stomach churning gross. As the Addams family continually show - ghoulish can have its very own style and charm.

Celebrating Halloween in Perth

While it’s easy to get your friends together in the evening, you can help celebrate all things Halloween at work during the day on 31 October. 

 Top 3 Halloween party needs

  • Theme décor  - a pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern and creepy creatures
  • Sweets, chocolates and apples for trick or treating
  • People you like – or workmates!!

If you are the type to go over the top then Halloween is an ideal party occasion. Halloween lends its self to never ending decorations, costumes, spooky music and themed food and beverages.

Helium Halloween Balloons

We can help with Halloween balloon decorations – all parties are so much better with helium balloons. While there are many spooky designs, you still can’t go wrong with a big bunch of orange and black balloons to evoke a spooky atmosphere. The other popular colour combination is purple and black balloons.  If you’re having a stylish party consider adding either purple or silver balloons to the mix to set a sophisticated tone. At Halloween you can’t have enough atmosphere!

Black Helium Balloon Perth Delivery Orange Helium Balloon Delivery Perth Silver Helium Latex Balloon Delivery Perth Purple Helium Latex Balloon Delivery Perth Black Helium Latex Balloon

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Halloween Gifts

If you know a big kid or small that loves the spirit of this occasion – then our balloon and lollies gift combinations are the perfect Halloween present. We have a large variety of confectionery included snakes, party mix and jelly beans – including the black ones. Need something more, please contact us and we can help you tailor a ghostly gift.

 Jelly Bean Jars Gifts

Click here to view or order halloween gifts or call us on (08) 9364 2526

Flashy Halloween Party Extras

  • Skull centrepiece
  • Blood red punch with floating eyeballs
  • Creepy creatures – cobwebs, bats, black cats, rats, spiders and skeletons
  • Dry ice & creepy sounds
  • Party games  – bobbing for apples is a traditional activity
  • Fancy dress ideas – ghosts, witches, vampires, tax agents etc.

Halloween Fun Fact

The Jack-O-Lantern has been carried across the centuries to frighten away evil spirits.  For a long time, especially in North America, the grinning pumpkin has been a symbol of the Halloween celebration but in other faraway countries Jack-O-Lanterns were traditionally made from turnips. Imagine the skill required to crave this sturdy vegetable!

Happy Trick or Treating!

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