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Gold Cubez Balloon


An amazing solid gold orbz balloon. A striking metallic foil helium balloon int he shape of a cube that has a long float life. A fabulous decoration for parties, events and special occasions.

This gold cube balloon can be used individually, or with other balloons, as table, floor or feature arrangements. Please ask about options to suit your decoration needs.

Orbz balloons also come in Happy Birthday, Baby and celebration designs.

More Colurs & Shapes - also available in a range of glamourous metallic colours and other shapes including cubez and diamondz.

Only for Driver Delivery in Perth metro area (WA).

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Preferred type/theme of additional balloons eg gold ribbon & gold weight; gold, magenta & black latex balloons; blue mini balloons for collar; 2 gold cubez on each weight etc.


  • 1 x Gold Cubez Balloon 43 x 45cm

Presented helium inflated on a decorative weight.

A single balloon may be added to a gift, hamper, balloon bouquet or balloon arrangement.

There is a minimum balloon spend requirement of $50, excluding delivery, this may be higher for areas further from Perth city. See Driver Delivery costs and conditions for details.

More Balloon options, its best to order in advance to ensure supply of quanity, colour and shape avaiability for these type of balloons.

Orbz Colours - gold, silver, rose gold, red, blue, purple, pink, black.
Cubez Colours - gold, silver, rose gold, red, blue, purple, pink, black.
Diamondz colours - gold, silver, rose gold, red, blue, purple, pink, black.
(Orange and green balloons less available, but please ask if you have planning time)

Hi-Float Treatment - this extends the float time of latex balloons. Please contact us if you do not need Hi-float treatment.

For extra impact and glamour this balloon can be embellished with a tinsel tail, feathers, tassel garland, other balloons or custom accents.

Tinsel Tail colours include: gold, silver, red, blue, purple, green, black, iridescent white, subject to availability.

Balloon Collar one row (4 mini balloons) or two rows (8 mini balloons) of 10cm mini balloons placed around the neck of the giant balloon. Many colour options available.

Please contact us for a quote if you would like to create some bespoke balloon magic or would like multiple balloons. Advance ordering is recommended for extra fancy attachments. Extra WOW includes various ribbons, tassels, tulle, confetti, artificial flowers and tail options. Please contact us for more details.

BALLOON ADVICE These balloons look best on the day of inflation. The colour and size will deterioate with time, it's best to arrange delivery for the day of your special event if possible. Orbz will float for many days, often longer. Like all foil balloons they shouldn't be put in hot environments or near heat sources to avoid popping. Try not to touch the balloon, handle the balloon using the weight or around the neck to avoid getting finger prints on the balloons.

SIZE MATTERS - Want bigger or different round balloons - please contact us for options.

Delivery Options

Available for Driver Delivery in Perth metro (WA).
- check here for delivery costs for Perth suburbs.

Helium inflated balloon not available for Australia Post delivery throughout Australia.

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