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Driver Delivery throughout Perth metro area

Driver Delivery is a premium service for the delivery of gifts throughout a large part of the Perth metropolitan area. The gift is delivered by our driver or driver from a reputable courier service.

This service is available for the delivery of all types of gifts including the delivery of perishable and fragile gifts such as fresh fruit, cake, flowers and balloons that require extra care.

By selecting Driver Delivery you can:

  • Order any of our hampers, gifts, flowers and balloons.
  • Request same day delivery if the order is received before 9:30am - Monday to Friday.
  • Request a specific delivery date.
  • Order gifts and balloon decorations for delivery Monday to Friday.
  • Order gifts and balloon decorations for delivery on a Saturday for a nominal extra delivery charge.
  • A delivery surcharge applies to orders for delivery on a Sunday or Public Holiday.
  • Order multiple gifts for a single or multiple delivery locations - please request a delivery quote.

Perth suburbs are grouped into delivery price zones. The delivery cost and conditions are based on the delivery suburb - summary in the table below. There is a list of the delivery price zone for each Perth suburb at Driver Delivery Prices Perth Suburbs .

If you are unsure of the delivery cost in relation to the location we will provide you with a delivery quote in response to your order or inquiry.

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thankyou.

Delivery Zone

Monday to Friday


Min. Order
exc. delivery





ZONE B includes Perth CBD








Perth Outer Suburbs

Prices as listed

+ $5.00

As listed

An alternative delivery opton is via Australia Post Postcodes 6000 - 6210


Not Available

No Minimum

 See Driver Delivery Prices Perth Suburbs for suburb sprecific delivery costs.


More about Driver Delivery

 Delivery Charges

Delivery is a separate cost to the gift cost. There are minimum order requirements for delivery. A delivery charge applies for each delivery to a single location. A few gifts can be delivered to a single location at the same time for a single delivery charge. Delivery locations may be declined at the discertion of the management or personnel.

Multiple - Volume orders

For delivery of large numbers of gifts to one or more locations please contact us for a quote and we can work out the best way to serve you.

Additional Delivery Charges

Additional delivery charges may apply where:
The delivery address is incorrect or insufficient;
There is no adult to sign for the delivery;
Gifts that cannot be delivered or are returned to us may incur an additional delivery charge.

Delivery Days

Deliveries are made Monday to Saturday. There are no deliveries on public holidays.

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is available for orders placed before 9:30am on week days to most inner metropolitan suburbs, see Suburb Delivery List. You are welcome to call after this time to see if an order can still be delivered that day, we'll try our best to help. Orders placed after 9:30am for same day may incur a higher delivery rate than the scheduled cost.

Saturday Delivery

Orders for delivery on a Saturday should be placed the Saturday. It's recommended that at least a weeks notice is provided for weekend functions. A reasonalbe delivery window needs tob e rpovided. You are welcome to call after this time to see if we can help you. Gift deliveries are generally made in the morning.

Sunday Delivery

Delivery on a Sunday is available for Driver Delivery with prior arrangement, normally for balloon decorations. Special minimum order requirements apply plus a delivery surcharge. Sunday deliveries are at the discretion of management.

Delivery Date

At the checkout you can nominate a preferred delivery day or enter ASAP. Your gift order will then be scheduled for delivery on the date requested. This is guaranteed for suburbs in Zones A, B and C.

Delivery Times

We cannot promise delivery for a specific time during the day. We encourage both business and personal customers to provide a delivery address that is attended during business hours.

Deliveries are generally made to business locations between 9am to 5pm. A business address is one that has an attended reception, mailroom or other staff available to sign for the gift.

Deliveries to residential addresses are generally made during 9am to 5pm and sometimes up to the early evening during busy times and extreme heat. If a residential address is not likely to be attended during business hours then it best to provide an alternative delivery address, for example, a work address, a willing neighbour, family member or friend.

After Hours Delivery

It may be possible arranged a gift delivery outside of regular days and times in Perth on an individual basis. Cost provided on request.

Gift Presentation

We will present gifts for Driver Delivery in a format that we think best suits the type of gift eg fresh fruit is normally presented in a basket and wrapped in cello. However, you are welcome to let us know if you would prefer a gift presented in a specific format eg gift basket or hamper tray versus enclosed in a  gift box. This can be nominated at the gift wrapping part of the checkout process.

Minimum Order Requirements

There are minimum order requirements for delivery. Different areas many have minimum order requirements for Driver Delivery. If your order does not meet these requirements we will contact you. For small orders you might like to consider delivery via the Australia Post - Parcel Post option for which there is no minimum order requirement.

Heat Considerations

The weather in Australia, and especially Perth, can be very hot, particularly in the summer months, which can adversely affect the quality of gifts, especially those that include perishable items. Please carefully consider your choice of gift during the hot weather if it includes fruit, flowers, cakes, balloons, cheese or chocolates. We can assist, where possible, by substituting such items for another more shelf stable item.

Peak Periods

There are a number of peak periods throughout the year, particularly during December due to the demands of Christmas. During peak periods the processing, preparing and delivery of orders can take more time than usual. Please allow more time for the completion of orders during peak periods.

Balloon Bouquets and Cake Deliveries

We will normally try to contact a residential address to confirm the location is attended before delivering balloon bouquets or cakes. If the address is unattended or no phone response is obtained then the delivery may be delayed, but the order will not be cancelled. The purchaser is responsible to checking that the delivery will be accepted at the delivery location.

Balloon Decorations

We are able to arrange time windows for the delivery of balloon decorations, you will need to discuss this with us prior to ordering. Different delivery costs may apply to these deliveries so you will need to request a quote. Delivery of balloon decorations can be made on a Sunday by advance appointment only and at the discretion of the management. The purchaser is responsible to checking that the delivery will be accepted at the delivery location.

About specific types of locations

Residential Addresses

 We reserve the right not to deliver a gift to an residential address on a requested date that we cannot verify by phone is attended. This is critical for deliveries involving high value and/or perishable items such as flowers, fruit, cakes or balloons.

Business Addresses

A business address is one that has an attended reception, mailroom or staff available to sign for the gift during business hours. The purchaser is responsible to checking that the delivery will be accepted at the delivery location.

If requesting a delivery to a business located in the CBD please provide the reception floor for the business. Please note some organisations have secure floors and require all deliveries to be delivered and handed over to the mail room for distribution. Delivery will not be made to locations that require personnel to divilge personal information.


Some wards have restrictions on the type of gifts permitted, if any. Please check with the hospital before ordering especially for ICU, major trauma, cardiac, burns & immune deficit wards. This particularly applies to gifts that include flowers.


 We are able to deliver to residential colleges attached to the Universities. You will need to provide an attended reception location for an on-campus delivery.

Airport Terminals

We are not able to take orders for delivery to airport terminals due to security restrictions. Deliveries to businesses in the Perth Domestic and Perth International Airport areas must have an easily accessible reception.

High Security Environments

In delivery locations that have a security check point, whose staff are not able to accept and sign for the gift and the recipient is not readily available to come out and collect the gift, the sender will be required to provide an alternative address and this will incur an additional delivery charge. Drivers will not complete an induction course, security form, provide personal documents, or details or wear a high-visibility vest or have photo taken of person or vehicle to enter a secure site. Drivers are unable to enter a construction site to complete a delivery. Such venues include Raine Square, Murray Street, Perth and Perth Arena, Wellington Street Perth.

High Rise & Secure Buildings

Many high rise offices and apartments do not have public access to all floors, if any. Please check if the location you require delivery to has an attended reception or concierge and inform us on which floor that is located. Secure apartments are not normally suitable for deliveries unless the recipient is home, and can be confirmed to be home.

Post Office Boxes

Driver delivery is not able to deliver gifts to Post Office Box addresses.


See Driver Delivery & Prices Perth Suburbs for suburb sprecific delivery costs.

See Standard Terms & Conditions for more information.

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