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Balloon Columns

Columns are a excellent decor idea for parties and events. Balloon columns cam be made in the colours and style of your choice and can be tailored to suit your event theme.

Custom Balloon Columns

Balloon Column features that can be tailored include:

  • Balloon Colours
  • Style of colour patter eg spiral pattern, rows, assorted etc.
  • Height and width of column
  • Size of balloon used on top regular, giant etc.
  • Type of balloon used on top eg latex balloons, foil shapes etc.

Balloon columns will look good for many days, but look best fresh for parties and events.

Please contact us for a quote 9364 2526.

Orange Back Giant Balloon Coloums Perth Gaint Rainbow Balloon Columns Perth Giant Balloon Columns Perth Cup Cake Balloon Column Dog Paw Print Balloons Perth Star Gold Black Balloon Columns Perth Gold Blue Giant Balloon Columns Perth Champagne Bottle Balloon Columns Perth

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