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Confetti Balloons

Create a Celebration

Colourful, creative and fun. Confetti is a fabulous way to indivudually style your balloon decorations.

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Different Balloon Sizes

Confetti can be added to different size balloons. There is the wonderful giant round balloons and a couple of sizes in the regular balloon shapes.

Many Confetti Balloon Colours

You can select from a range of confetti stunning metallic colours and a rainbow of tissue confetti colours.

Metallic confetti colours include: assorted colour mix, gold, rose gold, silver, dark blue, hot pink, purple, light pink, green, red, lilac, black and many more - just ask.

Tissue confetti colours include: assorted colour mix, dark blue, light blue, pink, purple.

Confetti Shapes

Most of the of confetti is available in the classic round shape but more shapes like mini squares and big rectangles are also available. Please contact us if you would like a special shape. Our gaint balloon

Balloons are normally decorated using 1cm or 2cm round confett, depending on colour and balloon size required.

Gold Confetti Balloons with Magenta, gold and balck helium balloons Perth  Gold Confetti with pearl pink adn white latex balloons arrangement Perth  Giant Helium Confetti Balloons Purple Rose gold Pink

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