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Balloon Arches

Make a statement!

A balloon arch makes a big impact on decorating an event. They perfect for forming a dramatic event entrance or highlighting the focus of the room eg entrance doors, stage, bridal party, cake table, store promotion.

Send us a photo os something you like and the installation area and we can provide a quote. 

Please contact us for a quote. If you have a picture of something you like and a photo of where you would like the garland to go, please send that to us. Or feel free to call 9364 2526 to discuss what is involved and to get a ball park of costs. It helps to know the approximate length of the garland required. Click here for contact form.

Balloon Arch 12 Helium Balloos Balloon Arch 20 Helium Balloons Balloon Arch 25 Helium Balloons
12 Balloons 21 Balloons 26 Balloons 15 Balloons

Two large arches can be crossed to form a canopy over the dance floor. Multiple arches can be used to form an impressive entrace tunnel.

This "string of pearls" style of balloon arch is made up of helium filled latex balloons. A large entrance arch may feature 21 x 28cm latex balloons strung between 2 weights which is big enough for adults to walk under.

Balloon Arch 25 Helium Balloons Helium Balloon Arches Balloon Arch Perth
25 Balloons 18 Balloons 15 Balloons 15 Balloons

 Balloons Arch Perth | Rainbow Tunnel Balloon Arches Ballon ARch Perth | Blue Gold Balloon Arches Balloon ARch Perth | Print Balloon Arch Black Silver

Balloon Arch Perth | Black, Magenta & Teal Helium Balloons Balloon Arches Perth | Burgandym Blue & Silver Helium Ballloons Balloon Arches Perth | Air Inflated Balloon Arch

Balloon ARch Perth Balloon Arch Perth Delivery Balloon Arch School Ball

Helium Balloon Arches - Delivery throughout Perth

Some balloon arch options are listed for purchase online.

PLEASE NOTE - The delivery of some balloon arches may incur an additional delivery charge due to special handling and installation requirements.

"String of Pearl" Style Balloon Arch Prices

This style of arch is made from helium inflated balloons and will float for about 12-20 hours untreated. Hi-Float treatment will extend the balloon float time to a few days depending on the conditions.

Balloon Arch Prices
Arch size  
Hi-float treated
12 Balloons $60 $72
15 Balloons $75 $90
18 Balloons $90 $108
21 Balloons $110 $132
25 Balloons $130 $155

Larger and Cross Over Balloon Arch prices available on request.

Balloons Arches Perth | Balck & White Helium Balloons

PLEASE contact us if you would like to discuss your needs, get a custom arch made or to a request a quote for multiple arches - call 9364 2526.

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