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Singing Balloons

Helium Balloons that look and sound AWESOME!

A Singing Balloon is a spectacular gift for special occasions.

A Singing Balloon is a large 70cm foil balloon that contains a sound device. When the balloon is gently tapped a song is played. The balloon can play the song at least 50 times, often more. It will stop playing at the end of the tune and will need to be tapped to play again.   Singing Balloons will float for 7-10 days, often longer.

There are a range of designs and tunes to choose from including a variety of Happy Birthday Singing Balloons plus singing balloons for get well, new baby, congratulations and love occasions. See the Singing Balloon Gallery for the complete range.

Helium Singing Balloons & Balloon Bouquets - Delivery throughout Perth

Singing Balloons are sold as a single balloon, as part of a balloon bouquet or added to a gift hamper. Singing Balloons can be given with gift extras such as chocolates, jelly beans, champagne, wine and teddy bears.

Singing Balloon Bouquets can be custom created to your requirements, please contact us for a quote.

Huge Range of Happy Birthday Singing Balloons

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