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Wedding Balloons

Love Balloons for your Wedding Day

Balloons are perfect addition to this happy celebration and can be used in many ways on your special day. There are heart shaped balloons and regular balloons in assorted colours.

Wedding Ceremony Balloons

Balloons can be used to decorate the ceremony setting, especially in non church settings. Balloons can highlighting the walk ways and ceremony space, or can be attached to the seating.

Wedding Photo Balloons

Post ceremony photos can include fun shots of the happy couple with helium balloons.  A bunch of balloons can accompany the bridal party for the photo session. And just after the ceremony, some couples like to have a group photo featuring all their family and friends. At this moment the bride and groom, the bridal party, or everyone can be holding helium balloons.

Wedding Day Helium Balloons Perth

Wedding Reception Decorations

As for all celebrations, balloons are an affordable and creative way to decorate a reception centre or party room.

Giant Balloons - round latex balloons or letter & number foil balloons - simple yet stunning
Ballon Arches
- for highligting the venue entrance door ways and as Bridal Table back drop.
Dance Floor Balloons - balloons for above the dance floor.
Balloon Floor Arrangements - can be used to define the cocktail party space, entrance ways, dance floor and more.
Balloon Table arrangements - much more affordable then floral centriepieces these balloons can be themed with the wedding colours to create a happy and pretty atmosphere.

Let your imagination help to personalise this truly special occasion. Please contact us via email using our contact form or call 9364 2526 for some friendly assistance to discuss what is possible and get a quote.

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