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Balloon Arrangements

Turn an event into a celebration with helium balloons

Balloon arrangements consist of helium inflated latex balloons professionally arranged and attached with ribbon to a decorative balloon weight. Ribbon length is cut to suit whether the balloons weights are to be placed tables or the floor.

The number of balloons and colours chosen can make a big impact on the look and feel of an event.

Party Balloons in real life - click here to see photos of balloons at parties and events.

 Balloon Arrangement 5 latex balloonsBalloon Arrangements - 5 latex balloonsBalloon Arrangements 5 latex balloonsBalloon Arrangement - 21st themeBirthday Balloons Perth | 21 Megaloon Balloon Arrangements

 Table and Floor Helium Balloon Arrangements

Number of balloons
on each weight
      All standard
  Top balloon
print only
  All print
 3 balloons   $10   $11   $12.50
 4 balloons   $12   $13    $15.00
 5 balloons   $14    $15    $17.50
 6 balloons   $16    $17    $20.50
 7 balloons   $18    $19    $23.50
 8 balloons   $20   $21   $26.00
 9 balloons   $22   $23   $28.50
 10 balloons   $24   $25   $31.50
 11 Balloons   $26   $27   $34.50
 12 balloons   $28   $29   $37.00
 13 balloons   $30   $31   $39.50
 15 balloons   $38   $39   $49.50

Standard Latex Balloons
 Refers to all solid colour latex balloons (28cm) includes fashion, crystal, jewel, pearl and metallic colours.

Balloon colours in real life - click here to see photos of latex balloon colours

Print Latex Balloons
Refers to latex balloons (28cm) with an all over print. There are a variety of prints including "Happy Birthday" and milestone ages such as "18", "21", "30", "40" etc. Some people like to have arrangements that include 1 or more print latex balloons, please contact us for a quote.

Helium Balloons - 21 Print Latex Balloon Helium Balloons - Happy Birthday Print Latex Balloons Helium Balloons - 60 Print Latex Balloons Helium Balloons - Happy Birthday Print Helium Balloons - Streamers Print Latex Balloons

Let us help you
There are lots of balloons details you want to get right for a special occasion, please contact us to discuss and place an order or see this Party & Event Balloons section for limited selection of online ordering options.

Giant Balloons - Letter Balloons - Balloon Walls

There are so many ways to decorate with balloons. If some balloon art takes your fancy on the internet why not ask u for a quote customed to your taste and budget.

Not all balloon arrangements options are currently listed for purchase online - PLEASE contact us to order - call 9364 2526.

Helium Balloon Arrangements | Bear and Bee Event Design

Helium Party Balloon Arrangements - Delivery throughout Perth

We deliver helium filled balloons throughout the Perth metro area, Monday to Saturday and on Sunday by appointment.

Party & Event Balloon Delivery orders are subject to date and delivery time window availability. Please contact us if you need to be sure before placing an order online. Especially during peak party times of year. We manually check and confirm all online orders.

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